Week 19 – 1961

Gene McDaniels

Gene McDaniels, #3 this week

The weekly playlist is available here!

#1 Del Shannon – Runaway

This song was already number one two weeks ago.

#2 Ernie K-Doe – Mother-in-Law

This song will be number one in two weeks. Wait a moment.

#3 Gene McDaniels – A Hundred Pounds of Clay

First single and biggest success of Gene McDaniels. According to Wikipedia, he’s currently living as a hermit in Maine, and has been posting random videos on Youtube since 2010. If someone ever heard of this…
This song has been covered the same year by Craig Douglas, and in French by the famous Johnny Halliday (Une Seule Poignée de Terre, (Only a Handful Clay), covered later by Richard Anthony), and the following year in Spanish by Enrique Guzman (Cien Kilos de Barro), but these versions do not really have any originality (except for the translation).
More original, the 1974 reggae version of Freddie McKay is perfect with the beginning of the summer. I found several other reggae and downtempo versions of this, like the (good) Maytones version, the Roy Richards version or the Royals version, and finally the excellent funk version of Leon Haywood (1974). Wow!

#4 Linda Scott – I’ve Told Every Little Star

This song was already number four last week.

#5 The Marcels – Blue Moon

This song was number one five weeks ago.

#6 Brenda Lee – You Can Depend on Me

This song should not be mistaken for You Can Depend on Me by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, released the same year, covered later by The Temptations and The Supremes, nor for the Rick Clark song, nor for the Luther Ingram song.

This song was written by Charles Carpenter, Earl Hines and Louis Dunlap I don’t know when, and became a jazz standard. I found a 1941 version by Bea Wain, a 1946 version by Peggy Lee (wouhou, swinging version), a Nat King Cole version (whouu, smooth version), a 1931 version by Louis Armstrong, a 1980 version by Manhattan Transfer, a 1956 version by Lester Young, and lots and lots of other versions.

#7 Adam Wade – Take Good Care of Her

This song was already number seven last week.

#8 Ray Charles – One Mint Julep

This song was already number eight last week.

#9 Steve Lawrence – Portrait of my Love

BULLSHIT. Seriously.

#10 Floyd Cramer – On the Rebound

This song was number four three weeks ago.

AND NOW, TMAVISUWWOTP (The Most Amazing Video I Stumbled Upon While Working On This Post)!!

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