Week 13 – 1961

The Shirelles

The Shirelles, #3 this week

#1 Elvis Presley – Surrender

This song was already number one last week.

#2 Chubby Checker – Pony Time

This song was number one four weeks ago.

#3 The Shirelles – Dedicated to the One I Love

The original song is from the 5 Royales. It sad to say this abut The Shirelles, but the original is seriously better.

A notably cover by The Mamas & Papas was recorded in 1967, which was a greater success. In 1973, The Temprees made a soul version, but it only reached the 93th place of the Billboard Chart unles it is maybe one of the best. However, this verison was sampled by 2 Live Crew for The Pussy Caper in 1991, by Arsenik for Rue de la haine (Street of Hate) in 2002, by Shareefa for Hey Baby in 2006, by Cam’ron for Ohh Baby in 2010, Linda Ronstadt covered it with her soft voice in 1996. Tanya Stephens covered it with reggae in 1998.
Bernadette Peters did in 1981 a typical eighties-“60’s-retro” cover, that doesn’t really deserve to go down in history. Billie McLean recored a commercial reggae version in 1994.

DMX sampled the Stacy Lattislaw (which by the way I didn’t found) in 2003 for the song Dog Out.

#4 Jorgen Ingnam – Apache

This song will be number two next week. Wait a moment.

#5 Marty Robbins – Don’t Worry

This song was number four last week.

#6 The Marcels – Blue Moon

This song will be number one next week. Wait a moment.

#7 The Everly Brothers – Walk Right Back

Oh! An amazing song from The Everly Brothers!

I wouldn’t mention this kitsch cover by Anne Murray, but she did it at the Muppet Show and it is fun and great. Bobby Vee also covered it like, I think, every song he ever heard. In 1974, Harry Nilsson included it in the medley Walk Right Back/Cathy’s Clown/Let The Good Times Roll. Of course, there is a cover by The Murasaki Band.

I found better versions by youtube users : with a guitar and a wood block by the Dulcimer Barbies, a multipist version covering the Nilsson medley by David Crandall. Also, a ukulele version by Ukester Brown.

Oh, and nice jukebox detected.

#8 The String-A-Longs – Wheels

This was number three three week ago.

#9 Connie Francis – Where the Boys Are

This song was number four last week.

#10 Carla Thomas – Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes)

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