Week 12 – 1961

Elvis Presley in 1961, Palm beach resort

Elvis Presley, #1 this week

The weekly playlist is available here!

#1 Elvis Presley – Surrender

This song was written in 1902 (or 1894) by Ernesto and Giambattista Di Curtis, under the name of Torna a Surriento (“Come Back to Sorrento”). It becames a classic, covered many times in more than hundred years, so here it is a version by Franco Corelli.
This is one of the 25 songs rearranged by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman for Elvis Presley.

As usual with every famous song, especially from Elvis, the world is full of bad and look-alike covers, without any originality. So I only selected a Chinese version by Lanny Shum. Maybe the video is a little bt ridiculous, at least there is an originality. And pleasant.

#2 Chubby Checker – Pony Time

This song was number  three weeks ago.

#3 Marty Robbins – Don’t Worry

Country blablabla You must be strong blablabla. Hey, did you know this guy was a NASCAR driver?

It must not be confused with Don’t Worry About Me of Joey Ramone, which is quite good.

#4 Connie Francis – Where the Boys Are

Maybe the best music ever, at least from Connie Francis.
AT the beginning, this was a Neil Sedaka demo.
Made for the film Where the Boys Are, Connie Francis also did a Neapolitan version, C’è qualcuno, an Italian version, Qualcuno Mi Aspetta, a Spanish version, Donde hay Chicos, a German version, Wenn ich träume, a French version , Je sais qu’un gars and a Japanese version, Atashi-no.
She did in 1978 a disco version. I found it in English and in Japanese.

So, a quick selection of cover : an amazing Japanese version by Seiko Matsuda, a choir version by Freshman Girls Choir, and a Megurine Luka version.

Rose McGowan, as George, dances on it in the film Lewis and Clark and George.

#5 The Shirelles – Dedicated to the One I Love

This song will be number three next week. Wait a moment.

#6 Jorgen Ingnam – Apache

This song will be number two in two weeks. Wait a moment.

#7 The String-A-Longs – Wheels

This was number three two week ago.

#8 The Everly Brothers – Ebony Eyes

Initially, the BBC banned this song because the lyrics. I think I understand, this is really boring, with this cliché spoken speech.

#9 The Everly Brothers – Walk Right Back

This song will be number seven next week. Wait a moment.

#10 Buzz Clifford – Baby Sittin’ Boogie

This song was number six last week.

AND NOW,  TMAVISUWWOTP (The Most Amazing Video I Stumbled Upon While Working On This Post)!!

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