Week 7 – 1961


Lawrence Welk

Lawrence Welk, #1 this week

The weekly playlist is available here!

#1 – Lawrence Welk – Calcutta

At the age of 57, Laurence Welk became the older artist reaching the Billboard chart top with this hypnotic song (one of his main hits)..
The Four Peps made a vocal cover in 1961 The Ventures and the Ventures an instrumental one, as well as Enoch Light And His Orchestra.

Oh, and Alfred Ho did this on youtube.

#2 The Shirelles – Will You Love Me Tomorrow

This song was number one two weeks ago.

#3 The Miracles – Shop Around

This song will be number two next week. Wait a moment.

#4 Neil Sedaka – Calendar Girl

Hehe. This is sooooooo crap. I don’t know why, but I only found foreign covers : Filipino by Ike Lozada (in English, andbetter than the original), Swedish by the children Fröna (isn’t that weird to make children sing a song like that ?), and another Swedish but in english (with a strong accent) by Sven-Ingvars Kvartett.

But, there are many youtube cover of the song. Among them, I selected baldyholly79, Johnny Ace, Jacob Jeffries, and my prefered one, The Grayhounds.

#5 Ferrante & Teicher – Exodus

This song was number two three weeks ago.

#6 Rosie & The Originals – Angel Baby

This song was number five three weeks ago.

#7 Brenda Lee – Emotions

From the album of the same name, this song is one of the four (among twelve) that is not a cover.
It’s not about being lazy, but I didn’t find any interesting cover of this song. So, again, a Grayhounds cover.

#8 Bert Kaempfert – Wonderland By Night

This song was number one five weeks ago.

#9 Chubby Checker – Pony Time

This song will be number one in two weeks. Wait a moment.

#10 The Capris – There’s a Moon Out Tonight

This song will be number three in two weks. Wait a moment.

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