Week 4 – 1961

Ferrante & Teicher

Ferrante & Teicher, #2 this week

The weekly playlist is available here!

#1 Bert Kaempfert – Wonderland By Night

This song was already number one two weeks ago.

#2 Ferrante & Teicher – Exodus

This music is a cover of the main theme from the 1960 film soundtrack Exodus by Ernest Gold.
Ferrante & Teicher are known for covering a lot of classical pieces and movie soundtracks, such as West Side Story or Last Tango in Paris.
A notable sample of the original is Porcelain, by Moby, which uses it reversed, as explained here. It was also used by the DJ Madzim for Get In,  the introduction of the mixtape Streetly Street in 2001, and the same year by Run D.M.C. for Crown Royal.
The Ferrante & Teicher’s version has been sampled by Ice T in 1999 for Exodus, by Nas for You’re da man in 2001, by T.I. for Bankhead in 2006 and by 9th Prince in 2008 for The Writer.
This theme has been covered many times, in French by Edith Piaf in 1961 (sampled by ATK for the song Rester Seul in 1998), in a chorus version by The Duprees (sampled by El Da Sensei  for Crowd Pleasa in 2006),  in a ska version by The Skatalites (sampled in 2001 by Dubmood for Exodus Ska Dub), and in 2004 by Secret Chiefs 3.

The Tapion Theme in Dargon Ball Z, composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi, is also strongly inspired by Exodus.

#3 Lawrence Welk – Calcutta

This song will be number one in three weeks. Wait a moment.

#4 The Shirelles – Will You Love Me Tomorrow

This song will be number one in next week. Wait a moment.

#5 Rosie & The Originals – Angel Baby

This is the main hit of Rosie & The Originals, kitsch girl group (I mean kitsch for a girl group). Rosie Hamlin, the Rosie of the band, was named by John Lennon as one of his favourite singer. According to the legend, she wrote the lyrics as a poem, at the age of fifteen.

Rosie said that the 1973 version by John Lennon was her favourite, and I agree. In 1991, the producer Michael Eckart seemed to want to make money with it, and recorded a version by Angelica. Writing for this blog, I see a lot of bullshit I don’t mention. But this one is too horrible to be left out. This is seriously too cheap.
It has been sampled by Capone-E on Angel Baby in 2003.
I really like the cover by this sweet little girl, posted by pelonsobastian on Youtube.

#6 Elvis Presley – Are You Lonesome To-night?

It was number one eight years ago.

#7 The Miracles – Shop Around

This song will be number two in four weeks. Wait a moment.

#8 Neil Sedaka – Calendar Girl

This song will be number four in three weeks. Wait a moment.

#9 Bobby Vee – Rubber Ball

This song was number six two weeks ago.

#10 Ray Peterson – Corinna, Corinna

This song was number nine two weeks ago.

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