Week 52 – 1960

Connie Francis

Connie Francis, #7 this week

The weekly playlist is available here!

#1 Elvis Presley – Are You Lonesome To-night?

This song was already number one four weeks ago.

#2 Bert Kaempfert – Wonderland By Night

This song will be number one in three weeks. Wait a moment.

#3 Floyd Cramer – Last Date

This song was number two four weeks ago.

#4 Kathy Young with The Innocents – A Thousand Stars

This song was number three two weeks ago.

#5 Ferrante & Teicher – Exodus

This song will be number two in five weeks. Wait a moment.

#6 Johnny Horton – North To Alaska

This song was number four last week.

#7 Connie Francis – Many Tears Ago

After Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool and My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own, Many Tears Ago is not a real success, and she will have to wait until 1962 to reach the first place of the US charts again, before a dramatic fall. She interrupted her career for seven years in 1974 after being raped in her hotel room. She came back in 1980 with the song I’m Me Again. And she will survive.

This song has been covered in 1961 by Jean Campbell (amusingly, I just discovered that she also covered Sailor, song that I commented last week), the same year as the crooner version by Italo Leone (the same Italo Leone from whom I just discovered a version of Poetry in Motion, a song I commented five weeks ago).
Connie Francis covered the song in Spanish for the “Spanish version album” Connie Francis en El Patio, in 1964, and in German in 1960.
Darlene Austin made a 80’s pop version, in a Tina Turner style. I think it is just for the live performance, but not sure.
The Hillbilly Moon Explosion made a chill-out jazz version in the album Bourgeois Babes, in 2007.

This song should not be mistaken for the Eddy Arnold song Many Tears Ago.

#8 Johnny Burnette – You’re Sixteen

Written by the Sherman Brothers (who did the music of Mary Poppins, The Book of Jungle and The Aristocats), this is the first interpretation, by Johnny Burnette, father of Rocky Burnette. The song was on the soundtrack of American Graffiti.

Nota : This song is a classic, so I’m too lazy to link to all the boring and unoriginal covers of the song. However, if you know one that I didn’t mention, feel free to comment. (Furthermore, all the old men singing it are really disgusting.)

A major cover was Ringo Starr’s, in 1974, dedicated to Princess Leia (or Carrie Fisher?), with kazoo by Paul McCartney. This version was covered the same year in German by Benny, under the name of Du Bist Sechzehn.

Earlier, the French national hero Johnny Hallyday covered it in 1962. I don’t know why it was not translated, but anyway it was a really good idea not to. Johnny Cymbal also made a perfect doo-wop cover in 1963. Rocky Teoh, the “Elvis of Malaysia” did this Elvis-like version. And believe me, despite what you may think, he’s good. The Outsiders recorded a surf version in 1995. The Bricats made a really good retro rockabilly version in 2006. No free access video, but you can find it on Spotify or an extract on Amazon. There is also on Spotify a good punk-rock instrumental cover by Squid Vicious (haha, I love this this name).

Extremely kitsch, a summer version by Blue Bombay.

I’ve found on Youtube this amazing ukulele cover by Wukulele, a ukulele band, and this vocal version by The Northwest Vocal Project.

#9 Lolita – Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea)

This song was number five last week.

#10 Ray Peterson – Corinna, Corinna

This song will be number nine in two weeks.

Ray Peterson
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