Week 51 – 1960

Johnny Horton

Johnny Horton, #5 this week

The weekly playlist is available here!

#1 Elvis Presley – Are You Lonesome To-night?

This song was already number one three weeks ago.

#2 Floyd Cramer – Last Date

This song was already number two three weeks ago.

#3 Bert Kaempfert – Wonderland By Night

This song will be number one in four weeks. Wait a moment.

#4 Johnny Horton – North To Alaska

This song was made by Johnny Horton as a tie-in for the movie of the same name, starring John Wayne.
Johnny Horton was the creator of the concept of “historical ballad”, which North To Alaska belongs to, as well as Jim Bridger, The Battle of New Orleans (his main hit) or Sink The Bismarck.

Frankie Laine covered it in 1962,with a funny production, as well as Dwight Yoakam in live performances and lots of other country musicians.

#5 Lolita – Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea)

To say things plainly, I love listening to songs in German. But this one sounds really horrible. Anyway, this song is the first German song to reach the Billboard top ten. The woman who speaks in English is unidentified. In Germany, it was originally issued under the name of “Seemann (Deine Heimat Ist Das Meer)”

The same year, Catherine Valente made a Dutch cover.

In the beginning of 1961, the great Petula Clark covered it in English. At the same time, another English singer, Anne Shelton, covered it in English again in a more old-fashioned way. It is funny that the two versions were for both performers a comeback to the charts, and the guitar was played by Big Jim Sullivan in both versions. Petula Clark was so happy to find success again that she recorded a French version, also in 1961. The English version was covered again by the patriotic Andrews Sisters.

The Dutch version was ridiculously covered by Ciska Peters in 1981, the German one by Geraldine Olivier in 2009 (LOL).

#6 Ferrante & Teicher – Exodus

This song will be number two in six weeks. Wait a moment.

#7 Kathy Young with The Innocents – A Thousand Stars

This song was number three last week.

#8 Connie Francis – Many Tears Ago

This song will be number seven next week. Wait a moment.

#9 Johnny Burnette – You’re Sixteen

This song will be number eight next week. Wait a moment.

#10 Jerry Butler – He Will Break Your Heart

This song was number two weeks ago.

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