Week 50 – 1960

Kathy Young & The Innocents

Kathy Young & The Innocents, #3 this week

The weekly playlist is available here! ;)

#1 Elvis Presley – Are You Lonesome To-night?

This song was already number one two weeks ago.

#2 Floyd Cramer – Last Date

This song was already number two two weeks ago.

#3 Kathy Young with The Innocents – A Thousand Stars

The original (I mean, I didn’t find anything older) is from The Rivileers in 1953. It was their biggest hit, with, on the B-side, the song Hey Chiquita!
A crooner version was recorded by Billy Fury in 1961, in the album Halfway to Paradise. Billy Fury is best known for being the leader of The Tornados (a.k.a Billy & The Tornados). The Finn Jerry Rock covered it with a strong accent and an original orchestration in 1961.
The bellhop become singer, Arthur Alexander, did a cover in 1962, in the album You Better Move On. I really recommend this version, the voice is oh-my-god so good.
Linda Scott, at the end of the album Starlight Starbright, recorded a version of the song, not really different from the original.
In 1962, The Lennon Sisters recorded the best female version of the song on the album Can’t Help Falling In Love.
Then, there are the not really identified versions: The Whirlwinds, somewhere in the 60s, Melo-D’s , for a pleasant uptempo version, The Chants, The Slippers (a Finnish band, according to the Youtube description), Peachettes and Colin Gold & Fury’s Tornados (yes, the “Fury” is Billy Fury, seen above).

I also found this version, from the Youtube user banderuela66. Aside from the video and the production (I think it is a karaoke version, not sure…), admit she’s got a good voice. billbilpatrick also made a bagpipe cover. I also like the atmosphere of this video.

Big up to RockFur2. I don’t know them, but they posted a lot of versions.

#4 Bert Kaempfert – Wonderland By Night

This song will be number one in five weeks. Wait a moment.

#5 Johnny Horton – North To Alaska

This song will be number four next week. Wait a moment.

#6 Lolita – Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea)

This song will be number five next week. Wait a moment.

#7 Jerry Butler – He Will Break Your Heart

This song was number last week.

#8 Connie Francis – Many Tears Ago

This song will be number seven in two weeks. Wait a moment

#9 Johnny Tillotson – Poetry In Motion

This song was already number three three weeks ago.

#10 Ferrante & Teicher – Exodus

This song will be number two in seven weeks. Wait a moment.

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