Week 48 – 1960

Elvis Presley in 1960

Elvis Presley (March 1960), #1 this week

The weekly top ten playlist is available here!

#1 Elvis Presley – Are You Lonesome Tonight?

The record history of this song started in 1927, with the Henry Burr, the Jacques Renard and his Orchestra, and the Vaughn De Leath versions.
Some pre-Elvis covers were recorded in 1950 (by Blue Barron and Al Jolson) and 1957 (Pat Boone), and then Elvis did this version, which stayed for six months at the top of the Billboard Chart.
Of course, the song has been covered again after him, but as a “Elvis Presley cover,” i.e. he made an Epic Win.
– in 1962, Frank Sinatra (always there to sing songs for ladies)
– in 1964, Lettermen
– in 1967, Doris Day
– in 1973, Donny Osmond (seriously this cover is horrible)
– in 2005 (or maybe before), Norah Jones (the only really good version)

An answer song, Yes, I am Lonesome Tonight was recorded by Dodie Stevens in 1960 and Thelma Carpenter in 1961.

(Special thanks to this youtube playlist.)

#2 Floyd Cramer – Last Date

This song is the cover of the 1960 song My Last Date (With You), by Skeeter Davis (the bad version) and Joni James (the good version) .
It has been then covered by :
Conway Twitty (so has-been) in 1972, under the name of (Lost Her Love) On Our Last Date.
Emmylou Harris (really good singing with very awful production – 80’s country) in 1982, under the name of (Lost Her Love) On Our Last Date
REM in 1982 . This instrumental version is not excellent, but not bad either.

#3 Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs – Stay

It was number one last week.

#4 Johnny Tillotson – Poetry in motion

It was number three last week.

#5 Kathy Young with The Innocents – A Thousand Stars

This song will be number three in two weeks. Wait a moment.

#6 Gary U.S. Bonds – New Orleans

Even if this song is a good one, especially from Gary U.S. Bonds, I gave up looking for a cover. If you know one, feel free to comment…

#7 Johnny Horton – North To Alaska

This song will be number four in three weeks. Wait a moment.

#8 Jackie Wilson – Alone at Last

“In France, we had Luis Mariano.”

#9 Hank Ballard & The Midnighters – Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Lets’ Go

It was number six last week.

#10 Ray Charles – Georgia On My Mind

It was number five last week, after being number one.

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